Pansy Parkinson (dropsical) wrote in bellum_gerere,
Pansy Parkinson

[[The Drill]]

It was Tuesday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening in the school that day, except for, perhaps, the fact that Dumbledore was perched on one of the low railings that bent to the main stairs. The bell had long since rung for third hour- it couldn't be much later than ten-thirty- and with every student and teacher accounted for, he slowly rose and pulled a small silver box out of the front pocket of his billowing robes.

In it lay an odd little bell, made of spots of gold and copper and silver, with a large dent in the side that was clearly meant to be there, but quite curious in regards to acoustic purposes.

He lifted the bell, and after a sigh and a few words, tapped it lightly with his wand. Instantly it shook alive, vibrating faster than any human hand could pulse it. But it didn't simply ring.

It howled.

And chaos broke loose in Hogwarts.

Teachers were too stunned and ill-informed to do much other than yell, "WAR DRILL!" and issue conflicting directions of what to do, and Prefects were just as stunned and confused as their fellow students. First Years cried and clogged stairwells in clumps, the former shifting about from landing to landing in passive irritation, while ghosts meandered through the halls curiously. Peeves took the opportunity to shatter abandoned inkwells against the walls and rush at frightened younger years, and Slytherins, for the most part, found the entire ordeal a raucous lot of fun.

All the while Dumbledore waited outside, cloaked in Invisibility and tapping his watch with the utmost patience, hoping with a wry smile that his school would not collapse from the inside out.

As Sam says, "Just respond to that bad boy." In a brief narrative or action bit, post how your character reacts to the drill. They don't have to react with other characters, but if you want to, by all means, have at it. You can even break into a separate AIM log if you prefer, whatever you like. These little plot bits are mostly just to give your characters something to talk about, ways to interact, things to tease eachother about. They can act and react according to another- the only rules are really set by you and the other muns. Any questions, of course, can be directed towards me or Sam.

Ride 'em, cowboy.

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